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Resurrecting this site

It has been so long since I have worked with this site. No real reasons, lots of real reasons, well you get the idea. Life has a way of getting in the way of progress. New grandbabies, health issues, just a lot of everything. But this being Lung Cancer Awareness Month, it is a perfect time to get things rolling once again.

Welcome to MAKE SOME NOISE!!!...For Lung Cancer Awareness

Devoted and Dedicated to helping raise awareness, understanding and funding for Lung Cancer research and Early Detection 







Hello Noise Makers and Friends!

I have some wonderful news to share.

Debbie Violette of Free ME From Lung Cancer has been a miracle worker and in conjunction with Make Some Noise for Lung Cancer has been able to secure a time to Illuminate Niagara Falls for Lung Cancer once again!

Monday, November 16, 2015 at 10pm the Falls will once again be lit in WHITE for Lung Cancer!

Thank you so much Debbie for stepping up and helping me to continue this tradition!

With my sincere appreciation and love,


April Fool's... I can only wish it was.



Dear Friends and Noise Makers,
I have been waiting to hear about my request to Illuminate
the Falls for Lung Cancer Awareness for this year since
December. I had several messages back and forth with an
employee of the Falls department of tourism and had no idea
what to expect for this year.
Yes my hopes were high that this year, 2015, we would be
attending the 5th annual Illumination and perhaps have
a vigil etc to go with it this year. After all 5 years was a
I am so very sorry and disappointed to tell you that this year
my request was denied. There are no reasons given and the
decision is final. My heart sank when I read the message
and my stomach flip flopped.
I have been thinking about how to deal with this. How do I
recover so to speak from a disappointment, not only to me,
but to all of the amazing supporters who have been beside
me either in person or online during the event and in the
weeks leading up to it. I feel as if I have let you all down.
Yet, I am so proud and so happy to have been able to make
this innovative and original event happen for you all in the
past 4 years. Make Some Noise for Lung Cancer was the
first organization to Illuminate the Falls for Lung Cancer and
it was done with every single survivor, every single person
we have lost to this disease, every single friend, family
member and caregiver have ever been touched by this
disease. It was done for 4 straight years with a heart filled
with love and with so much  compassion for our community.
I am blessed to have been able to do this for you and one
day maybe in the future,  it can be done again.
Sadly it will not be this year but I am already thinking about a
new idea to help us MAKE SOME NOISE!
Thank you all for your support and your undying devotion to
helping me keep Making Some Noise for Lung Cancer.
With my love and deepest thanks.

    4th Annual Illuminate the Falls for Lung Cancer Awareness!

    On November 16, 2014, Make Some Noise for Lung Cancer Awareness will once again host the Illuminate the Falls for Lung Cancer Awareness. This marks the 4th year I have been able to do this event for all of you!

    Here are the details and please feel free to join the Facebook Event page to keep up with any and all updates!

    Niagara Falls, USA and Canada will be illuminated in white for Lung Cancer Awareness.

    This year our Illumination will be from 9:00pm-9:30pm and again from 10:00 pm010:30pm.
    Please note that the times are what were assigned to me for this event. I was not able to request a specific time this year but it will still be an amazing time!

    The best way to use these is to view them a few times and see which one you like the best.

    I think this one gives the best view and options

    And this one is nice, too

    And one more option

    I will be there in person again this year to photograph and video the event and meet some of the amazing people I have met through the years of Make Some Noise's existence!

    If anyone here has any type of media connection, please let me know as I could use some help in getting our event out there!!

    Thank you all so much

    Warm Hugs.

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    Raising Awareness and Educating!

    2 years ago I was blessed to make the acquaintance of Susan Laurents. Susan was a lung cancer patient who has, sadly, passed away. In the short time I "knew" her, she shared with me some of the wonderful work she did to raise awareness and spread the truth about lung cancer. This is a PSA she made.



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    I was recently interviewed by Linda Della Donna, the creator of about my book. Read the whole interview here!


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    If He'd Only Eat a Tunafish Sandwich

    This is the story of how and why I became a Lung Cancer Advocate.
    You can order your copy today for only $9.50usd for the paperback version.
    email me at I accept paypal.

    Breathe Again

    Breathe Again
    Choking on the bitterness
    and taunted by the what may be's.
    Breathing in such emptiness
    while taking in the subtle breeze.

    No one seems to know my pain
    the struggle through my days and nights.
    All my thoughts begin to drain
    but I stay strong throughout the fights.

    Sometimes I feel so hollow
    as if no one hears the words I speak.
    God's plan I try to follow
    Even in despair, I remain meek.
    It seems to crawl in distant skies
    I'm reaching for the answer.
    A pest with such persistent cries
    grows in me like a cancer.

    In agony I call for you
    stand by my side, unite.
    Left with what I know as true
    I need you in this fight.
    Aware now I can feel such hope
    for my two thousand ten.
    Our bonded strength unties this rope
    please help me breathe again.

    ~Brandon Shuttleworth



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