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LONG overdue update(s)

Posted by Christine Dwyer on April 16, 2015 at 10:50 AM

This year has started out on a few ups and downs! I had submitted our application for the annual Illuminate the Falls for Lung Cancer Event but sadly, for reasons that I can only guess include my not having my own non profit status, we got turned down!


April Fools?... I can only wish it was....

Dear Friends and Noise Makers,

I have been waiting to hear about my request to Illuminate the Falls for Lung Cancer Awareness for this year since December. I had several messages back and forth with an employee of the Falls department of tourism and had no idea what to expect for this year.

Yes my hopes were high that this year, 2015, we would be attending the 5th annual Illumination and perhaps have a vigil etc to go with it this year. After all, 5 years was a milestone.

I am so very sorry and disappointed to tell you that this year my request was denied. There are no reasons given and the decision is final. My heart sank when I read the message and my stomach flip flopped.

I have been thinking about how to deal with this. How do I recover so to speak from a disappointment, not only to me, but to all of the amazing supporters who have been beside me either in person or online during the event and in the weeks leading up to it. I feel as if I have let you all down.

Yet, I am so proud and so happy to have been able to make this innovative and original event happen for you all in the past 4 years. Make Some Noise for Lung Cancer was the first organization to Illuminate the Falls for Lung Cancer and it was done with every single survivor, every single person we have lost to this disease, every single friend, family member and caregiver have ever been touched by this disease. It was done for 4 straight years with a heart filled with love and with so much compassion for our community.

I am blessed to have been able to do this for you and one day maybe in the future, it can be done again.

Sadly it will not be this year but I am already thinking about a new idea to help us MAKE SOME NOISE!

Thank you all for your support and your undying devotion to helping me keep Making Some Noise for Lung Cancer.

With my love and deepest thanks.



I have been thinking and coming up with ideas for an event to replace the Falls but let's be honest.. NOTHING would ever top that event. But I kept thinking and planning until...

I was approached by fellow LC advocate and dear friend Deb Violette who created and runs the Free ME From Lung Cancer Foundation  based in Maine. Deb offered to submit an application, on my behalf, to the Illumination Board to see if having a registered Non Profit status would make a difference. AND, VOILA!!!! It did! The annual event will continue this November, making this the 5th consecutive year that the Falls will be lit in white for Lung Cancer on November 16th!


Hello Noise Makers and Friends!

I have some wonderful news to share.

Debbie Violette of Free ME From Lung Cancer has been a miracle worker and in conjunction with Make Some Noise for Lung Cancer has been able to secure a time to Illuminate Niagara Falls for Lung Cancer once again!

Monday, November 16, 2015 at 10pm the Falls will once again be lit in WHITE for Lung Cancer!

Thank you so much Debbie for stepping up and helping me to continue this tradition!

With my sincere appreciation and love,



I do have some additional ideas for this year, since it is the 5th year and I thought doing something additional would add a special touch to the event!

So, stay tuned and I promise to make a HUGE attempt at keeping this site up to date and keep you all in the loop as we continue to MAKE SOME NOISE for LUNG CANCER AWARENESS!!



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